Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First post of the year!

I am literally THE worst blogger ever! It has been like 7 weeks with no posts from me! And my last one was a bit political so that's not good. This is meant to be my fun place. Anyways, I have an iphone 4s which I got for Christmas and I am using it loads to take photos for instagram and stuff so I am really going to try much harder this year. I will be spending this weekend in, alone as Dave is working so I will dedicate myself to blogging - meaning a catch up of Christmas, some New Year's "positive changes" (not resolutions as these seem to be all broken by Feb 1st!) and some photos of mine and Dave's trip to Barcelona for his birthday - hoorah! For the last 2 weeks I haven't done a lot really other than get used to being back at work properly. I did take a trip to the new Lomo store in Manchester last week with Louise from work and met Darren and Becky there. This was a really great day and I got a new viewfinder for my LC-Wide as the one that is built in is hugely out (thanks for that LSI).

Taken on my LC-Wide outside Urbis in Mancheter
Then this week I feel as though all I have done is care for Dave, his brother and his brother's best friend Andy who is having a hard time as his dreams of moving to New Zealand forever fell through and he had to come home after just 3 months or so. This has involved a lot of drinking and movie watching. And nowhere near enough time spent with Dave, or with my cameras!

Taken on my LC-Wide after a hangover breakfast at Maria's this week
Anyway as they have now returned to their respective parts of the country, normal service can resume here in LS6 - hoorah!!

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