Saturday, 28 January 2012

E.L.F. Sale Haul

Whilst I don't aspire to be a beauty blogger, I do thoroughly enjoy reading people's opinions of items and I have discovered a lot of new companies since I started reading blogs and things. I have therefore decided I will do reviews on occasion (not that I buy a lot of beauty items anyway) where I have bought a few bits and pieces. 
Since I discovered E.L.F. last year I have stopped by and bought a few bits off them. As someone who doesn't wear very much make-up, I don't have a huge need for high end stuff, and because I change my mind all the time, the prices at elf are really attractive to me as well.   After Christmas I was emailed some voucher codes to use online at E.L.F. and given that they had a sale on last weekend as well, it seemed foolish not to make the most of it. I opted to use the free shipping if you spend over £10 voucher so everything you see below, including postage was £10.40 which I think is super for 6 full size items. 

All 6 items - zit zapper, lipstick, lip plump gloss, matt lip colour, blusher and make-up mist and set

First of all I got a make-up mist and set spray from the studio collection as it was on sale and I have heard good things about it elsewhere. I always feel that my make up has virtually disappeared by 11am on a work day and I never think to go and re-apply so I am hoping this will change my life! 

I also got a zit zapper which I have had before and I really think it makes a difference. I have quite problematic skin at the moment (it has been this way since I came off the injection about 18 months ago) and if I can feel a breakout coming on, I roll this on in the morning and it seems to calm everything down. I have had my last one for 8 months and use it daily, it is only just running low so a real bargain. Here are some colour swatches of the other items.

blusher, lipgloss, lipstick and matt lip colour (not sure the lighting is the best here I am afraid)
First of all, the blusher. I don't wear blusher generally as I am so rosy cheeked anyway. However, I have been using Benefit's "You're bluffing" and "Bluff Dust" recently to calm this down and it can leave me a bit on the pale side. I wanted just a cheap and light blusher to make me feel better and I think this is the one. The shade is coy and although pink, it is a brown-y pink and has a lovely shimmer to it, which I like. It is not super pigmented so if you were after a dramatic look you might be better with a studio version. 

Now first of all, the lip gloss. It is a double ended plumping glaze with the clear end meant to add volume and then the coloured end to add, well colour really. I have 2 darker shades of this already and wanted something a bit more spring-y. I chose 'peach passion' and would describe it as a feint coral colour. It is very nice and goes on lovely. I also think it has good staying power. The other end also goes on nicely and gives a good shine. I am not too sure about the "pumping" properties but then I never am, I have yet to use one that has given me Angelina Jolie lips! Anyone have any recommendations for me?
Then there is the lipstick. I like elf lipsticks because they are not very pigmented so I don't feel silly wearing them to work (I work in a pretty causal environment). They also have nice staying power. I was a bit worried when I saw this as it looks super brown and very dark. however as you can see from the swatch it is a nice brown and not too dramatic. The shade is called 'fantasy'.
The matte lip colour is interesting. It is a darker brown, the shade being 'praline'. I think I really like this and as it is from the studio collection I think it is a slightly better quality and I am excited to try it on my face.
Do you have any other elf recommendations? 


  1. i need the zit zapper! i feel an epic wound coming on... and the makeup mist looks wonderful! i feel the same - that my makeup is completely gone by mid-morning. thank you for the reviews!


    1. The zit zapper is life changing, and better than some more expensive alternatives x

  2. I love reading people's opinions on products too, I'd much rather choose products by recommendations.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, nice to see another Yorkshire blogger xxx

  3. does the set spray work? I need to invest in something like this, and a primer! I'm useless with make-up haha xx

    1. I gave it a try today, and I am not sure if it was psychological or not but at 5pm when I looked in the mirror I felt like my foundation had gone the distance for once.