Monday, 27 August 2012

Back with a bit of a change

So I have had a five month long hiatus from blogging, and to be fair, I can't say I have missed it a huge amount. I saw my friend Rachel for the first time in ages, and she has lured me back (I think so that she has some friends and looks popular or something!). Hi Rach, if you're reading this (you'd better be after making me return to the dark side when I ought to be ironing). I think the thing is, I am not a fashion blogger, and I am certainly not a photographer so trying to make my blog be about those things, just isn't going to work. Sure I love Instagram as much as the next iphone addict, and I intend to share a bit of Lomo every now and again, but in terms of having stuff to say, I can't just write about what I am wearing (because it is usually boring and from Asda!), where I have been (often just Nandos - multiple times in a week) and the X factor (although I do love it, I just don't have a lot to add which hasn't already come up on Twitter). That is not to say I don't LOVE reading that on other people's blogs, it really appeals to my nosey nature!

So Rachel's advice to me (for she is a seasoned blogger herself now) was to write about things I care about, or things that have captured my interest lately. This seemed like good advice, because today I have already planned out 3 entries! The first of which will be published in the next few days I hope. It is a bit deep, and I know I will probably use some of the few readers I already have, but I can't really care about that, as it is more important that I write for me now. So my first entry is going to be about Lord Longford (go Google it if you are unsure who he is as I won't go into a lot of detail about all that) and how I feel about his wacky and often frowned upon views. Sorry if that is really boring to a lot of people but it is just who I am! Hope to see someone back here tomorrow, even if it is just Rachel.

On a separate note, here are some photos of me and Dave at the Olympics a few weeks ago - we had a great time watching the women's weightlifting!

Me with Holly Mangold (USA)

Inside of the ExCel Centre

I hope you have all had a great Bank Holiday and that it hasn't been ruined with this Best of British rain we are having!