Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday morning music

Here I am again on a Monday morning with another treat for you all. This is from a hopefully up-and-coming band called 'To Kill A King'. These guys are great and have worked really hard on their music the whole time I have known them. Three of the band members used to be in a ska type band around 2007 which is when we became their neighbours. They were great fun and we hung out lots that year, going to their gigs, having BBQs in our quiet little street and so on. Back then they were called Kid Id but they when they moved to London a few years later they changed their style and got a new name. I am not just saying this but they are the kindest, loveliest hardest-working and dedicated guys I have met and if anyone deserves to make it big then it is them. Here is their new song and video. Please, if you like it, share it around!


  1. So lovely of you to spread the word about your friends! They sound great, will definitely be searching around for them :)

    1. Glad you like Raz - think their first EP is out now x