Monday, 16 January 2012

Scrabble and Quality Street

For the last week it is fair to say I have mostly been just playing Words With Friends OBSESSIVELY and eating a lot of Christmas sweeties. We are almost out of chocolate from Christmas now except we still have loads of Quality Street, both at home and at work. Although I would previously have hailed them as among my favourite chocs, I think I am a bit sick of them now. I have even started to munch on the pink ones, despite not liking fudge at all, just for a bit of variation. 

And the other thing I have been doing far too much of lately is playing Words on my iphone. I got it a few months before Christmas, but for some reason my old iphone 3G didn't seem to like it very much and I often had to give up because my games wouldn't load. Now I have my lovely iphone 4S however, I have got about 20 games on the go at once. The thing is, I am getting a bit annoyed with it really because I have barely won any games at all. I don't mean that as big headed as it sounds, but I have a good vocab, and I play good words, but I am rubbish at putting them in the right places to get loads of points, and I always leave the board open for others to get a load of points off the back of my words, like in this example:-

My friend Chris there got over 120 points for a 4 letter word!!! That would never happen to me and one of my aims over the next few months, has to be get better at this bloody game!!!!! Do any of you have any tips for me?

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