Sunday, 20 November 2011

Occupy Leeds

I have spent the last few evenings (well late into the night really as I was there til 4am today!) at the Occupy Leeds camp in the city centre. I think before I went down there, I, like a lot of other people in the UK had the opinion that the umbrella movement which has now come to be known as "Occupy" was a bit of a waste of time. After all, the people who are giving up all there time to be on such sites permanently are unemployed, so who would really "miss" them and therefore pay attention to the prostest/demo? I realise now, having spent a significant amount of time down there in City Square chatting to the people and learning more about the worldwide movement that there is a great cause to be found there. They are representing the 99%, with which I myself identify. Whether or not you feel that setting up camps in towns and cities across the UK is the best way to have your voice heard (the jury is still out on this for me), you have to agree that is A WAY. It is a peaceful, friendly, non-violent and all-inclusive way for the people who are dissatisfied in the UK to get their point across. And not just across to those in positions of power, but to everyone.

these are some shots from Dave's LC-A+ as I haven't scanned mine yet

The thing I have been most impressed with since visiting the site, and the reason I have now decided to continue to offer my support and appreciation to those who are organising this mass demonstration. I have met lots of people in the time I have been going down to the site, these range from the most liberal and political thinking socialist types through to fairly conservative right wing fanatics, and I have really enjoyed hearing what everyone has to say, even if I don't always agree with them totally. Some people are protesting about the greed of the banks, the number of unemployed young people in Britain today, the amount spent on warfare compared to the NHS, the privatisation of our public services and a whole range of other things. The conversations have been super interesting and I have certainly learnt a lot just by being there. I would recommend you go and visit the camp, or a similar one if there is one in your area, I can guarantee that the cups of tea and great chats will be going on constantly 24/7!
Billy Bragg even made a guest appearance Friday

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