Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pop 9 and Redscale XR

So after my exciting developing day on Saturday, I thought I would share with you all a couple of shots from a roll of film I had developed last week and tell you a bit about it. I decided to do this because as Lomography becomes a bigger and better part of my life, I seem to share it with fewer and fewer people I haven't put any film photos onto Facebook since I got back from New York, and believe me when I say I have had a fair few rolls developed!
So I have had a Lomography Pop 9 camera in gold more or less since I started analogue photography and although I initially used it loads, because of the very distinctive look it gives, I then ended up loading a roll in Chester in December 2010 and only just removing it last week - which is rubbish I know. Plus the roll itself is Redscale film and I hadn't realised that because my camera is held together with electrical tape after one night out too many and I couldn't read the film type. Sadly this means I have used it in a lot of totally inappropriate situations over the last 14 months or so. Below are 3 of the shots I actually like from the film

I like the juxtaposition of an analogue photo of a DSLR

This is Dave on a beach in Portsmouth from April 2011 - love the blue tones

This is hard to see, and it has a light leak, but it is my dad fishing in Portsmouth, which is his favourite thing to do. Not many photos of him doing it though
So despite my initial disappointment that I had accidentally put a redscale film in, I got a few shots I was happy with. Although there is quite a bad light leak down the centre where I opened as I thought it didn't have a film in. I will try and do a little post like this every time I get a roll developed because it is nice to share. 
I am off to a Lomography event this evening in Birmingham. It is all a bit vague but I got invited through my role as a CitySlicker (basically LSI asked for students to write set articles about their home town and I got picked to cover all things Leeds) to go to the press launch of the pop-up store in Birmingham Selfridges. However since then it has been advertised on the lomography website that every store is having an event that day to unveil a new mystery product. It all seems to be animal based as a lot of the adverts say "Zebra. Leopard. Snake." and "Come to the wild side" etc etc. I haven't a clue what to expect - but I have purchase some little animal ears on a headband all the same!


  1. Those pictures are so cool and great! :)

    1. Thanks Nici - they were the best of the roll!