Monday, 16 January 2012

The 7 year itch

When I was little, I used to think that a "7 year itch" was an exaggeration, meaning a physical itch on your body that you have had for quite a long time. Once I realised it was something to do with having been in a relationship for 7 years and getting, well wanderlust essentially, and forgetting what is good about what you have right there in front of you. Well I think that is it. Hang on. . . . 

According to Wiki Answers it refers to a period where relationships are most likely to end, with partners keen to leave or cheat around this time. This is all a bit of a concern as Dave and me celebrate 7 years together on Thursday 19 January. Hang on though, having read further down the page on Wiki, it is now thought that this happens way before 7 years for most couples - phew, I reckon we are safe. Apparently some now refer to it as a 3 year glitch, because that is how long the average marriage lasts before divorce proceedings commence, according to some sources. 

Anyhow, we like to have a little celebration around this time and I myself much prefer it to Valentines Day as it is ours and ours alone. This year we might go out for a meal and give each other little gifts rather than anything major as we are still saving up for our Schwinn bikes. I have got Dave 2 presents:-

They are both on order from so I am really hoping they get here in time. The first one is a speaker. It is honestly the best sound I have ever heard come out of something to small and portable. They come in loads of different colours, cost just £15 and fit neatly into a handbag and they weigh next to nothing. They charge through a USB and one charge gives 11 hours play time. A woman at work has ordered a few as presents and I can really see myself buying these for loads of people this year. Highly recommended. 
The second is a one line a day journal type thing that lasts for 5 years. In a way this is a joke present as I am always having a go at Dave for turning into a grumpy old man but equally I hope he actually fills it in as he does suffer from stress rather a lot and I am hoping that if he writes down just one happy thought every day then he will become a more positive individual. Sometimes when he is angry or sad he writes a little journal but he ends up throwing it away as it makes him sad to look back at it. I hope this is almost something he is proud to show me and enjoys completing it each day. 

What would you get your other half as an anniversary gift? 


  1. we never buy anything, how lame. Love the x mini though, we're on our second one now lol

    1. I hope that isn't an indication they break fast!!!