Sunday, 15 January 2012

Christmas post (with photos)

So I realise I have missed the boat a little bit with Christmas summaries but as I was AWOL at the time, it seems a bit rude now not to just catch up with the things I did and the presents I got. First up, I was away in Barcelona for Dave's birthday on Mad Friday (the night when most people break up from work for the holidays and everybody ends up in town drinking. Whilst I wasn't too sad to miss this, I did miss the office visit from Santa Claus, the elf and the present fairy so when I returned to work the following week I got my "Secret Santa" gift which I was thoroughly chuffed with!

somebody knows me far too well and got me this from Urban Outfitters

And then Dave started raving about how much he wanted a onesie (I think he was basically just jealous of my slanket!) so when I was out Christmas present shopping and saw this one on sale in Primark, I had to get it for him, even though it is technically a woman's!

Dave, always happy when he is cross-dressing!

Then of course, once it hit the evening of 23 December, it was time for me to travel down to my parents on the coach, alone because for the 7th year in a row we spent Christmas day apart. This is because his family don't have much of a Christmas routine, so I am reluctant to alternate with my huge family, all who make a massive effort over Christmas and we have a lot of traditions. I don't expect Dave to come down with me as this would be unfair, but equally I wont give up a Christmas at my parents to not really do much here in Leeds. Anyway I digress. The first Christmas tradition we always hit up is the Carol Service at Coventry Cathedralon Christmas Eve afternoon. None of us are religious at all but it is a lovely service aimed at the kids mostly, so they all dress up and sing along, it really is lovely. It gets me right in the Christmas mood and who couldn't feel uplifted somewhere as beautiful as Coventry Cathedral.

some instagram shots of the inside of the cathedral

And then it was Christmas morning, which I really love at my Mum and Dad's house but miss my Nan a lot - she used to be so excited just to see me open my gifts that she'd be up at 5am!!! I got some amazing presents, I was really spolit this year, here is a selection of the things I woke up to.

Clockwise from top left - Build your own pinhole camera from my bff (I will do a post once I have built it), a gorgeous leather doctors style bag from Dave - love it, an iphone 4S from the parents - I actually could not believe this, they buy us so much throughout the year, my jaw hit the floor when I saw it, then there is the crap family gift, which I got off my aunt Tracey this year. It is basically a stick with a light up Santa on, covered in rubbish tinsel that plays a tune but sounds like it is dying constantly. I will have to pass this on next year - target is Uncle Barry.


  1. ohhh, I've seen that pinhole camera a few times now, I'm looking forward to seeing your results.

    Thomas and I never used to spend Christmas together either, it sucked, your time will come though, ours did eventually, once my cousins all got older and our family traditions started to change.

    I LOVE that Dave got a onesie, hahahaha.

  2. Ha, I know - he is such a girl. I hope to use that camera up in like a week or so to see how it comes out. Just need to find a way to hold the "shutter" open so I can do some overnight exposures x