Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Reading List

I decided one of my resolutions this year would be to get back into reading for fun. And no "Pick Me Up" does not count. So I got a book off my Dad for Christmas that I have started and am enjoying, and so I definitely want to read at least one a month throughout 2012. I enjoy reading, and I used to have such a great imagination, but that has suffered a bit and I am not as good at conjuring up images as I used to be. I think this is, in part, due to my lack of reading. And I am not going to do anything outrageous and get a Kindle. Not that I have anything against Kindle users, but I like to read in the bath for a start, and I know from physics lessons in school that water + electronics = bad. Plus I love the way books feel in your hands, and how my eyes never have to strain to look at a page of a book - I look at a screen all day every day and it does get to be a bit much. Anyway, my first 5 books are going to be these:-

this is what I am reading right now, I got it for Christmas and am a third way through. It is a very well written crime type thriller and apparently it has a big twist!

Love Russell's sense of humour and I read Booky Wook about 2 years ago. I got this as a birthday gift last year so must try to read it this year, otherwise number 3 will come out and I wont be at all prepared!

Think I have mentioned before that I followed the Kercher case pretty closely, and was shocked when Knox and Sollecito were acquitted last year. Plus I have a real interest in true crime so I got this book in the sales last week.

I saw the remake of the movie at the cinema last week and to be honest it is totally my kind of thing. I now want to watch the original film, as I have heard it is loads better, and of course, read the book

This was recommended to me by my BFF and her chap. They both know me pretty well so I have also bought this when it was on sale - and used my new Waterstones points cards, it is a bit like Boots, great value! I think it is a sort of sociology/politics text book or something so I will let you know how it goes!

So tell me, are there any books you think I should add to my list? Have you read any of the ones already on my list? Let me know what you think!


  1. I am on the third book of the Millenium trilogy and think it's amazing. The books are so addictive, well worth a read! I actually went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the cinema and was pleasently surprised. Usually films slaughter the books!

    1. Yeah I have heard pretty positive reviews of the film, but most say the book is better. I thought Salander was great in it actually, and so pretty x

  2. Yay for reading! I like your list, and might need to read a few of these as well :)


    1. Thank you - and I can really recommend Fear Index as I have almost finished it now x