Saturday, 21 January 2012

Must have broken a mirror

I joked that I should have written in Dave's anniversary card that I must have broken a mirror as we have now been together for 7 years!!! Ha - I actually chose to write something nice and soppy instead! We had a lovely evening, although we went out early as we have a lot to do tonight/tomorrow. We met at 4:30 having starved ourselves all day (so there would be plenty of room for yummy dessert!). We went to our favourite Japanese restaurant in Leeds - Little Tokyo. Time for some food porn. . . 

Clockwise from top left - exterior / my chicken terryaki bento box / interior (bridge over the little carp filled river) / my dessert of flame grilled brownie with lychee ice cream.

Yeah we love Little Tokyo and I always end up ordering a bento box because it is really good value and contains quite a variety of food. You get a fresh ginger salad, your meat/veggie dish (chicken terryaki for me, salmon/prawn for Dave), some tempura vegetables and sticky white rice. It is pretty much faultless! Then of course it was time for presents, fortunately Dave loved his, he is carrying the speaker around with him as we speak.

these are my gifts off Dave, sorry the quality is pants! I prefer instagram pics these days.  Clockwise from left I got from Dave a little mini tripod for my cameras, a gorgeous wooden skull necklace, a very chunky charm bracelet and some origami crane earrings. 

I loved the presents Dave got me. Although the bracelet is particularly chunky. Although bless him, he did try and choose me one with all my favourite things on. Plus he got all the jewellery from some little handmade shop but he wont tell me where it is as he says I will buy everything in there and he wants to use it for all my presents from now on!!!

P.S. I wrote this last night but after our internet broke I couldn't actually post it when I wanted to! Boo.

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