Friday, 10 February 2012

Upcoming fun things!

I sat down last night and had a little think about all the things in life I am excited about right now. I have so much cool stuff coming up over the next few weeks/months that I have decided to dedicate this whole entry to it and post a few things in the way of photos I have pinched (mostly off google images) although I wanted to do them in date order but I am still poorly and can't be bothered so here they are all higgeldy piggledy.

going to see Joan Baez in concert on 4.3.12 - she is one of my folk heroes!

due to Dave getting a tax rebate this week, Bulgaria is now all booked and paid for

our mystery caravan holiday has also been sent off for - will post details when I have it but it should be somewhere like this

got my parents CCFC tickets for the Leeds match next week. I love football and cannot wait to get all rowdy. Plus Dave has never been before, don't think he has even seen a stadium!

Finally got my bike sorted through cycle to work so I am collecting it on 27.02.12  - so excited to get started

a super exciting top secret thing is happening which I just found out about yesterday. Kind of pointless putting this in as I can't mention any details yet.

Leeds zombie film fest is on 22.04.12 and I am really looking forward to it after going to my first one last year

Seeing my friend Esther for the first time in ages on 21.02.12 and I literally cannot wait. She is without a doubt the funniest person I have ever met

after a boring and quiet weekend this week, we are joining friends in Bradford for a zombie movie marathon next weekend and to go out for a curry, can't wait for this, bloody love zombies and this is me looking mean dressed as one at zombie prom 2011

It looks nice when you list it all down like this so you can get really stoked about it all!! Has anyone else got stuff they are super looking forward to this year?


  1. I love having things to look forward too :)

    Amazed that Dave has never been to a football match, I love going to them too

    1. Ha I know - he is such a failure as a young man!