Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Stylish in Stila

I feel like all I do lately is buy cosmetics and then write little reviews on them - sorry if that is a bit boring to some folks but as make-up reviews are among my favourite things to read, I feel like I ought to put a few out there of my own. During my ebay splurges of late, I got a few Stila lip items which were all under £2 and BNIB so I was chuffed with the prices for a start. They were al from different sellers but I have discovered that Stila items, even when brand new, don't tend to get to very high prices on ebay, despite being about $22 a piece on the Stila website. First of all here are the 3 items I got, still all boxed up:-

It gloss, shine lip colour and regular lip colour
I love the packaging as it is so simple but looks so stylish, it reminds me of the clean look of the topshop items. The boxes also feel really thick and luxurious, making me feel like I got a real bargain having paid under £7 for all 3 items including delivery! Then there is how gorgeous these items look on the inner packaging. The lip colour is my favourite as it is wrapped in a burgundy leather type material and feels incredibly well made, as they all do.

picture of all the items out of the boxes. Sorry it is so shadowy in my room

some swatches on my hand of the gloss, lip colour and then shine lip colour
Firstly the it-gloss, despite looking like Barbie pink in the tube which worried me slightly is a light pink and looks great on. It has awesome staying power and feels glossy rather than sticky which I like. It goes on with a little brush as well so is good for my top lip which is quite thin at the edges. The shade is called "enticing". Then the lip colour which looks absolutely rubbish on the swatch there. It is called "dawn 1" and it is sort of a nude shimmer rather than a super pigmented colour so I really like it and think it will be great in the summer. The shine lip colour is still really glossy which I love and is a red/brown - the shade is called "tina" and this is my new favourite night out lippie as it really compliments the green eye shadows that I seem to favour.
Does anyone else wear Stila products? What are your favourite pieces?


  1. i love these! the pink is wonderful for right now and spring (if it ever comes!). i haven't bought any stila products recently, but they have high quality makeup! i might need that gloss... :)

    1. Ha - I know what you mean, I am always getting ideas from other people's blogs about things I "need"!!!!

    2. I loooooove makeup reviews! I am such a sucker for makeup.. especially at a great price.
      Great post! Stila has some awesome products!

    3. The more reviews I read, the mre make-up I keep buying - eek!!!!

  2. I've not heard of Stila but looks like they have a new customer! I like the nude shimmer I agree think it would look good in the summer! :D Becky x


    1. The nude shimmer is great because it's not too much in the daytime. I am having a giveaway and there are a couple of Stila items in it x