Friday, 3 February 2012

Four Corner Store and other orders

I was quite pleased with myself over the last few weeks as I made about £150 on ebay. Obvioualy a smart girl would have withdrawn that money and used it for something she actually needs. I, of course, decided to spend it online. I love how many shops now accept paypal because it does mean you don't just buy loads of stuff on ebay. Of course I did do a little bit of that as well. I did get a Stila lipstick which I am in love with but I didn't photograph that before slinging it into my make-up bag. Also I stocked up some Body Shop Body Butters which smell gorgeous in Vanilla, Cranberry and Ginger. I realise these were on offer at the Body Shop for the hug versions but I like the small ones better as I get to use all different varieties that way. Plus this was a bargainous £4 still sealed up. 

Then I got a beautiful Denman hairbrush. I only use this style of brush and despite having one or two already, it never seems to be where I need it to be. This printed version is going to remain in my handbag so it is always on hand.

Sorry for the rubbish photo!
Then I used a bit of the money to get Dave some new work trainers and to put towards the cameras I mentioned in a previous post. But that still left me a bit of money to go shopping online at Superdrug - I literally cannot believe how much cheaper it is than Boots. All this stuff I got was at least half the cost!

cotton wool pads, nail polish remover pads as I always seem to knock the bottles over and a cheeky MUA £1 nail varnish in a shade called Emerald (I think)

My skin is looking really good at the moment so I am going to have to stop slacking and start a proper skincare regime!
And then today I had been getting a bit stressed as an order I placed ages ago on the amazing Four Corner Store website so I tweeted them and was inundated with replies (about both my order and my email address song title Another Girl Another Planet). Then I got home and this little beauty had arrived!

Replacement Superheadz UWS as I gave Dave the blue model and some C41 black and white film. Including shipping it was only £30 ish so I thought that was a real bargain and their customer service (particularly via Twitter) is brilliant too. I can't say enough good stuff about them really and despite my initial concerns I will be ordering from there again. I was dead excited to use my camera in Manchester tomorrow but as the weather forecast is grim, and it seems to be cold and flu season right now, most people have dropped out so I am fairly disappointed. Obviously I don't blame them but one of the best things about these meets is seeing everyone. Fingers crossed a few come and we still have a fab day, maybe I can cheer myself up with a go on the big wheel!


  1. I love how cheap Superdrug is! I definitely need to get back into eBaying my stuff, I need that bit of extra cash right now...

    1. I know - I have phases with ebay but I have tonnes I could sell, just have to keep the motivation up!