Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shopping day of fun!

When Dave finally got his tax rebate the other day, we did have a little bit of a shopping splurge. As sad as it it might be, the first place I wanted to hit was Asda. I love George clothing! Literally can't get enough of it. I just think it washes so well and is such a reasonable price. I guess it isn't the most fashionable of places but I am not exactly a hipster so I couldn't care less. I just want affordable pretty patterns. These are the items I let Dave buy me as he owed me quite a bit of money.

3 tops, a sweater style night dress so perfect for schlomping, some animal print pumps and green jeans
I am happy with all my purchase from Asda, so happy in fact I have just had a look on their website and my my there are about another 40 items I want!!! If I finally get my pay rise (that has been owed since last April) next week I may have to order a few more bits and pieces! We also took a trip to town as Dave wanted to get some smarter shoes. I picked up a couple of bits there too.

a bag, nail varnish and necklace from Topshop

a little sample of the nail varnish

some chocolate to go with the scarf I got Rosie for her birthday

some cards from Paperchase as I have a few birthdays coming up soon

a ridiculous plaited scarf and some gorgeous scented H and M shower gel

I am so happy with the bag from Topshop. It is meant to be a make-up bag and is made of a gorgeous faux-leather coral colour material. I have been after a bag for ages that I can keep in my huge handbag that I can put a camera, a flash and a bit of film in so it is not just rattling around all the time in the bottom somewhere. The nail varnish is called "frosty" and it is one of the crackle ones. I only have 3 but this is definitely my favourite of them all. The shower gel from H and M was £1.99 and is one of the nicest bath products I have ever smelled. It smells a bit like watermelon flavour sweets! And the scarf is kind of daft but I always wanted one of those pom-pom ones from Monsoon but always seem to miss them. When i saw this was on sale for £5 I had to have it. Not entirely sure when I will wear it but I am sure I will think of something!
 Haven't done too much yet this weekend, went to the cinema last night to see Chronicle. I really really enjoyed it even though it was a bit different to how I expected. I actually found it rather sad, which would not normally be the case with superhero type movies. Then today I needed to take some photos of a couple of bars in Meanwood for a CitySlicker article over on lomo so I enlisted Dave's help and we visited East of Arcadia where we shared a ploughmans which looked like this:-

pinched from Dave's instagram
Then we headed up to Alfred which is a version of North Bar that I absolutely adore but often don't visit as you can't get a table on an evening as it is tiny. It plays great music and does lovely beers (today I had a strawberry one) and you can play games at your table. The decor is also fab and the wallpaper in the ladies loo looks like this:-

I want this wall paper in my bathroom!
Then I thought I was coming to relax and spend the evening reading mags and having a bath and writing but alas no, I was on the volunteering rota and there was a job in at Pudsey Police Station for me at 6pm. Bye bye evening. I have now settled down with Pip for some food but will have to go out again in an hour to get Dave from work. Ah well - the best laid plans and all that. Anyone else doing anything fun this weekend?


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    1. Oooh love the green jeans! George always have really nice stuff! Nothing wrong with supermarket clothes shopping! :D xx