Monday, 13 February 2012

Lomography Update

 Been meaning to do this post for over a week as I had four rolls of film developed that I wanted to share with you. They weren't particularly special ones but I hadn't had any developed for ages and was a bit scared I was losing interest in Lomo to be honest. However, I have done a couple of articles this week and got a few photo project type things coming up so I think I am right back on with it now. Anyway, as I said these are not the most amazing photos ever but there are a few from my Zenit E which I hadn't used for ages as I thought I was doing it wrong. Turns out I wasn't and these are 2 shots from a tiny roll that came out ok with it.

View from my front doorstep in some very very bright sunshine
Trying to practice focussing close up with the Zenit-E
Then there was the second roll on my La Sardina Quadrat. I have since sold this on ebay as I felt the flash was a bit too fiddly and temperamental. I have now purchased a flashless model and am excited to get using it after seeing these 2 shots from the old model, both longer exposures on bulb mode, the first in dim pub light of about 2.5 seconds and the second on the dashboard of a moving car (I wasn't driving at the time) for about 8-9 seconds when I accidentally let go.

Love this shot of an old battered sofa in a Bradford pub

And I love the electric feel of this shot, even if it is a bit wibbly

Then I got 2 rolls developed from my precious LC-A+ White Japan ed. which covered the 2 Lomography events I have attended recently. The shots weren't particularly life-changing but then I am not a photographer and only really shoot for fun. They are more memories of these days for me rather than works of art. Here they are:-

picture of my friend "Fed Tony" who will hopefully be giving me rangefinder lessons later this year

Picture of the nautical themed decor in the Birmingham Selfridges store

My friend Louise's ace Dr Marten's taken with the coloursplash flash - love the colours on this

Love the angle on this photo and how the view of the wheel is a bit obscured.
So anyway, here is my most recent Lomography update and I hope to have more photos to show you this week as I have some in the shop at the moment being developed.  I am excited to get them back actually as it contains one roll from my cosmic symbol which I haven't used before! What cameras do you guys shoot with and which are your favourites?


  1. Ooooh you managed to get some pretty good shots. I, too, recently developed 3 rolls of film from my Diana Mini. Not all turned out the way I liked it. Many were kinda blurry, I wonder if my hands were unsteady. I prefer the ones I took with my Holga.

    1. Oh I haven't used my Holga for a while now. Maybe I will crack that one out next.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!

  3. Ohhh, do you think I could join your rangefinder lessons with Fed Tony?!

    I liked your results with the Zenit E!

    1. Yeah sure. He told me to get a Fed 5 off ebay but I haven't yet. I think he recommended that one.