Saturday, 18 February 2012

Things what I don't understand about blogs / the internet

So this was supposed to be a kind of celebratory 1 year bloggiversary type post (not sure I have spelled that right, then again I am not sure that it is even a real word) but I decided instead to use this entry to demonstrate my total uselessness when it comes to blogspot and the world wide web on the whole. I have divided the post into a series of numbered questions (be warned there may be quite a few) so if anyone feels that they can answer just one of them for me, then that'd be a great help.

1. WTF is the point of tumblr?
This is one I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. I used to think it was a photo sharing blog type site for people who are too lazy to write words. Then I read some of my friend Tony's tumblr posts and they are amazing, super well written and cover a huge variety of subjects. Obviously it helps that he is a great writer but I have found a few since then that read like blogs. I made a tumblr last week when I was off work ill and I would describe mine as a place where I write very little, but share A LOT of random shite. What do you guys use yours for?

2. How do I use bloglovin?
This seems like something I should know, but I really don't understand it. I get the whole blogspot/google friend connect relationship. You follow blogs, they update in your reading list or on your sidebar or whatever but then I see this bloglovin thing. I don't know why anyone needs it or how I ought to use it on my blog. I follow a few people through it, but only usually because I have accidentally clicked on "follow through bloglovin" rather than the regular "follow" link. Do you use bloglovin? Why / why not?

3. How do people make cute little photo montages for their blog?
I personally use fotoflexer as it seems to be the easiest way since I don't have photoshop. As someone who takes a lot of photos I would really like a more efficient way of making little compilations. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fotoflexer (if you haven't used it before, give it a shot now) and as a free tool it is bloody brilliant, but sometimes it doesn't do quite what I want and it sticks and things don't load very fast. I have also recently got into Polyvore, to make collages of things but obviously that is no good for photos you have taken yourself. What do you use for photo tasks for your blog?

4. What does RSS stand for?
I am guessing I will never need to officially know this as I have nothing very technical going on but in my head I have made up that it stands for "Really Simple Script" which I am sure is wrong (I realise now I could just google it but it'd be nicer to get feedback from you folk). Also - why would anyone need it? It just makes stuff look a bit shit.

5. How do I get little buttons to fit in my sidebars?
When I started my blog I spent a long time over at Shabby Blogs choosing just how I wanted it to look and getting it all to fit together in a way that I knew I would be happy with for a long time. I am not a naturally arty or internet-y person so I knew I wouldn't want to do a lot to my blog and over the last year I haven't really wanted to alter anything. I am happy with how it looks and feel it is easy to navigate. There are however a number of tweeks I would like to make that I find insurmountable at the moment. When I want to add little things (such as a little photo and a button from somewhere) I cannot make them fit and they overspill the lines around the body of my text. This is annoying and I cannot fix it so I have given up on having those additions. Also - my follow me links are all there, in a little line but I can't get cute symbols for them. How can I do this?

6. What is all this "prove you are not a robot" shite?
Why is it when I comment on some blogs I get to just type and publish, but on others I have to type in a ridiculous word/phrase (no kidding I had to type "pie face" earlier this week) before my comment will publish? Is there an option for this and does my blog have it? Also, given how sophisticated some "robots" and comp programmes actually are, why can't people just make one that can pass them tests anyway?

7. Why would anyone need tweetdeck or tweetbot?
I am not 100% sure what these tools do and to me they are just mad words with "tweet" stuck at the beginning but I don't see why people would need them. I understand tweetbot helps you do things on twitter a bit faster right? Well if you tweet so much that broadband and your own fingers aren't quick enough then I think you have some social issues and probably need to talk to some people who don't have the word "bot" in their name. I mean no offence by this or anything but sometimes I do worry that the internet may have destroyed the art of real conversation. Does anyone use these tools and can you convince me otherwise?

Ummmm so I think that covers all of the things I have been thinking about of late. Other than that I was wondering about maybe altering the design of my blog, but the fact of the matter remains I really like it how it is - what do you guys think?


  1. Haha this made me giggle,
    1.My tumblr is full of random shit. No real point just pretty/funny things.
    2.Bloglovin is not my thing, confusing, I like to see who is following me to be honest, on blogloving you can't.
    3.Try polyvore, for fashion/clothes/beauty montages.
    4.NOT A CLUE
    5. I know the dimensions of my blog and alter the HTML to fit.
    6. I HATE HATE HATE the prove you're not a robot shite. it always takes me a few attempts and sometimes I give up, I tured it off moths ago.
    7. Things are fast enough for me!

    1. Wow thank you for your feedback - I have a tumblr which is also full of random bits now and I have started messing with Polyvore. I still am not sure I know how to find the dimensions of my blog and alter the HTML - sounds all a bit too technical.

  2. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments.
    I'm probably not the best to help with the above because I'm rubbish on computers. I use Picnik to alter photos and make collages but it's closing soon so I need to look for something new too.
    I'm on Bloglovin' but it does seem totally pointless, I never actually go on it and I've just noticed this week that every blog has the 'prove your not a robot thing' before it seemed to be only certain one's so I assumed you could switch it on or off, now I'm not sure
    Sorry about that just realised I was no use what so ever haha xxx

    1. Ha - That is fine that you were no use - at least I know I am not alone with my questions. Let me know if you find something new for your photos x

  3. Teehee, I'm not going to lie, I use tumblr to see nice animal photos & you have to turn off the word verification I'm not a robot thing, I had to switch back to the old version of blogger to turn it off :) x

    1. So how should I know if I have it on mine? I don't want to put people off commenting by suggesting they are machinery!

  4. 1) My Tumblr (username=zotwot) is also lots of random things and silly stuff.

    4) I think you're nearly there for RSS but the 2nd s stands for "syndication". And RSS is actually really useful to follow non Blogger blogs using Google Reader or something similar. And might even be useful when they get rid of Google Friend Connect in a few weeks.

    5) For my buttons I just kept adjusting their size until they fitted. You can use the "shrink to fit" option to cheat a little bit.

    7) They're quite useful on some phones where the actual Twitter app is a bit rubbish. But using them on a computer is pointless!

    1. I fear my tumblr will become the same - but that is what everyone has answered so I guess this is ok. You see you have confused me again now - what the hell is a non blogger blog!!!!!?????

  5. 1. Tumblr is bizarre, it is really a blogging platform which is how Tony uses it but most people use it as a reblogging/storage space for images/things they like. I prefer Pinterest for that, so I deleted my Tumblr in the end.

    2. To use Bloglovin with your blog you have to register your blog on there and then put the code onto your sidebar or a post... its worth doing. Bloglovin is basically a reader, a lot of people use it as they prefer it to Google Reader and I can imagine more people will use it when the google friends connect is remvoed later on in the year. I'm registered on there but I've always used Google Reader so I never use it.

    3. I use a programme called which is like photoshop but free to put photos together into one image and the others I use Flickr to upload them.

    4. RSS is the feed that people can follow your blog through using outside sites such as a reader/outlook etc. It does make things look a bit pants but its good to have one of those set up and easy to access too as a lot of blog readers use a Reader to follow blogs.

    5. Sidebars are annoying... how did you want your buttons to look? I can help if you want to drop me an email?

    6. Urgh, I hate them too - I removed them from my comments and I think Blogger have changed it and actually made them worse?!

    7. I don't use them either, so I have no idea lol

  6. p.s. your comments do have the word moderation on them, you can turn it off in the setting of your blog somewhere if you want to, I can't remember where exactly but I can look if you want

    1. Oh I knew you'd come good Rhianne!!! Damn my blog having the old robot rubbish - I am investigating how to remove it as we speak. I can't stress about my side bars right now as I am in job interview prep mode but I will send you an email when I can - thanks for the help x

    2. No worries, whenever you are free :) good luck with your interview!