Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snowy photo day in Manchester

So Saturday was the scheduled day for our lomo trip to Manchester and unfortunately according to Mr Weatherman it was also the day we were due to get SNOW! For the first and potentially only time this winter. This meant that just 15 hours before the meet, people were dropping out left, right and centre. After a fair amount of indecision about what to do, we decided we were 'ard enough to brave the weather and the M62 and drive over. It was quite a good turnout given the conditions, with 9 people showing up at the Lomo Store in total. The lovely folk there gave us some rolls of film and off we trotted. The snow started the moment we set foot out the door, so we spent a fair bit more time inside buildings than on a normal lomo walk - but I had a great time seeing everyone. Unfortunately as my phone was dead from being used as a SatNav all the way there I didn't take any photos I can put up instantly so I have pinched some Instagram shots off Dave and Louise.

Some yummy food and drink in the Nexus Art Cafe and me wearing a giant cardboard panda head in Fred Alous 

Getting home was going to be a bit of a nightmare we realised because of the weather, but that didn't stop us hanging around in Chinatown til 9pm!!! And this time we managed to leave Manchester in the right direction!!! 

taken through the windscreen on the way home
In all fairness, apart from being slow, the motorway in our direction was not too bad, just a bit slow. The other way however must have been a nightmare because traffic was backed up  for at least 10-15 miles. When we got home we more or less went to sleep right away but not before Dave took a quick photo of our street. I then shot it again this morning to show how much it had melted. It is a shame it happened on a weekend because I had been hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

Our road, last night and this morning

Did everyone else have a good time in the snow this weekend?


  1. oh my goodness... that brownie looks delicious! also, i nominated you for an award over on my blog :)

    1. Thanks Megan - my entry has just been published x

  2. not keen on snow myself, we didn't get any a bit in blackpool though

    1. I love the snow but it does make life a lot more difficult. Surprised there was none in Blackpool as Manc seemed to have lots.

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