Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Film developed at home!

I don't want to bore you all with talk of cameras and film and developing and stuff but it is the biggest interest/hobby I have. I therefore wanted to share with you a few shots off the roll I just scanned in that we developed at home a couple of weeks ago.  I have been a bit slack at scanning so unfortunately it has taken a fair bit of time to get them on. Plus it was a bit of a boring roll as it was a "shit roll" that I shot in a hurry just to practice developing. But these few shots are my faves nonetheless.

Photo of Dave from our anniversary dinner at Little Tokyo

The view from my front doorstep

Picture hanging above my tv, a wax painting done by my friend Claire for her degree show

Hahahaha I love how the last shots were all around my front room as I hadn't finished the roll and needed to do it before we got going!!!
What do people think? Are there any tips you can all offer me?


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    1. Thanks Ella - it was actually pretty easy as well!