Sunday, 3 April 2011

Freebie for one of my first ten followers

Although I decided that I wasn't really bothered about how many followers I ultimately end up with in the long term, I still think it would be lovely to hit double figures. So I have decided that when I hit ten followers of this blog, I shall give out a freebie from the ridiculously large stationery collection of yours truly which I mentioned in a previous entry. I have far far too many of the lovely Paperchase A5 linen covered notebooks, which have never ever been used so for my first ten lovely followers, I shall ask my boyfriend to choose a number at random and send you one from my collection (an example of which can be seen below). You will have a chance to tell me what your favourite colour is and then I shall try to select one based upon that.

I suppose deep down I am not really bothered how many people choose to read and follow my blog as I have kept a journal for 12 years and no-one else gets to read that even if they wanted to and I don't mind if I end up not sending a notebook to anyone for the next 6 months. I just think that is a nice environment to get little comments and gives me motivation to write when I know people may be stopping by to read about my life. Plus I think it is good in life to have goals and I feel a proper little sense of achievement when I sign in here and see a comment or a follower!
So good luck to the next 6 people who click follow, and to my little 4 that I already have!

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  1. Hi there :) I got your comment on my blogsale - please email me at and we can arrange postal orders etc. Thanks!! Laura x