Thursday, 7 April 2011

Five different bottles of shampoo (King Blues review)

So Tuesday night was the King Blues gig which we had been looking forward to since October as it was rescheduled. I wasn't really that excited about it on the day as I had had a terrible day and I wasn't sure how much I actually liked the band. I got all dressed up after work, this is a photo of my face, though I should have done an outfit one really as my bargain sale top from DP looked ace. I like my complexion in this photo (I am wearing Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation in natural beige, Elf shimmering facial whip, 17 instant glow bronzing pearls in medium, Elf lipstick in classy, Urban decay eyeliner in zero and Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in adore)

Then we went out around 7pm so it was all a bit of rush. We went out for tea first at La Cafetiere on Hyde Park Corner, and it was as super as ever. Everything there is fairly healthy so we totally pigged out! Then it was off to the gig. The problem with the Met SU is that everyone there wa about 12 so I felt absolutely ancient in comparison! And very overdressed which is not like me at all! The gig itself was brilliant and I knew a lot more songs that I thought I did and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The best bit was the ukulele playing as can be seen here.

I am really impressed with the band, the energy and the different styles they incorporate. Plus they are quite political, which I enjoy very much. During the encore, the lead singer Itch read out a poem from their new album and I got really really into it, I think because it appealed to my inner feminist (although Dave loved it too!) I have found this lovely video, hope you enjoy!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun!! :D And I LOOOVEEE your layout and your blog in general. :) Your makeup is awesome. You're so pretty :) I love the video. :] His accent is AWESOME(I love British accents).
    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll!! I'm so happy :D I feel so special.