Saturday, 9 April 2011

Let us compare mythologies

So I went to another gig last night which was a real treat as I have seen no live music for ages and now 2 gigs in 4 days - lucky me. This one probably wont appeal to a very wide range as it was a "Songs of Leonard Cohen" evening by the lovely singer Keith James at a small piano lounge in a wine bar in Otley. But I shall carry on regardless.
Firstly, my lovely outfit which I got in Dorothy Perkins sale a while ago and just haven't had chance to break out until now. It can be seen slightly in the below photo (although if I am going to start doing outfit posts I will have  to use my boyfriends SLR).

Bit sad about this photo as you can't see my lovely lipstick (which I am deffo going to review in a later post!). I got it from Asda and it was a bargainous £1.75. It is a peachy orange colour and very shiny indeed. Plus it has better staying power than some of my more expensive lipsticks so I will defo be stocking up on other shades. Plus I crimped my hair loads, made a bit of a frizzball, loved it! My crimpers are my favourite purchase of the last 12 months for sure! Anyway this top from DP is very autumnal looking so I have the seasons all back to front, but who cares when the sleeves look like this:-

And they feel gorgeous. But anyways, onto the gig. When we walked in I have to admit I was scared. There were about 9 people in the room and we were the youngest by about 35 years or so. I knew that was almost guaranteed when we booked the tickets but I thought it would be less obvious if the room was full. I felt really sorry for the bloke actually as he is a very talented musician and does LC justice throughout. He has also set some LC poems such as Twilight from the 1956 book Let Us Compare Mythologies to his own music. Anyway the whole gig was fab, highlights for me included the "So Long Marianne" sing-a-long, with percussion played by the audience and the last song which he sang with his partner Louise, he came and sat just inches from the first row and did Hallelujah with no microphone or anything. It was moving. Anyway I couldn't take a photo of the gig as it would have seemed rude somehow, but I did get a cool photo on my iphone of the piano lounge before he started.

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  1. I love your top! xx

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a makeup palette over at my blog, you might wanna check it out :)? Love Hannah xxx