Sunday, 24 April 2011

Another wonderful day out

So yesterday saw me and Dave spend another lovely day together doing lots of fun things. And once again I really really enjoyed myself! We started the day with some cheek pancakes at McDs and then hit the road. I got to wear my lovely Poppy King bright lipstick too which was a bonus.

First we took a detour to a little place called Spofforth where there are some old castle ruins so we took a few photos there.

Then we drone on to the beautiful Knaresborough where I had never been before but will definitely be revisiting as it is beautiful, it has a castle, gorgeous river and the largest viaduct  I think I have even seen. We hired row boats as it had been so much fun last time around, and again I was not disappointed.

the viaduct

Dave rowing hard
Then we drank slushies as it was soooooo hot, moseyed around the town and the castle and then in a second hand shop window we found the game Mastermind, which I used to love as a child so we bought that and sat outside having a few games. Then we drove to a pub in North Rigton and had a beautiful lunch, whilst playing a few more games of Mastermind.
It was a glorious sunny day out in North Yorkshire and when we got hom we sat and watched the sunset out the front of our house drinking Southern Comfort with ginger beer and listening to Bob Dylan. We pretty much stayed outside til in began to rain and then we came in and went to bed. 
Today the weather is nowhere near as lovely, which is a good thing in my own selfish opinion as we are going to a 12 hour zombie film festival hosted by Marlon and Paddy off Emmerdale. I cannot wait as I bloody love a good zombie movie (or 6 back to back).

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