Monday, 14 March 2011

My weird and wonderful wishlist

So when I am blog-browsing (that is a phrase I think I just made up!) I see a lot of people doing little photo montage wishlists so I thought I would give it a go. However, I never really crave clothes and although I crave shoes big time, I haven't been proper town shopping for ages to see any I fancy. Instead I LOVE stationery, even the boring order I have to do at work makes me happy. So here is my little montage, all items from Paperchase.

I guess it is a bit odd that I am 26 years old almost and still get excited about stationery. When I started this degree I had a bit of a sesh in WH Smith like a school kid at the beginning of September (why do school kids even do that? I mean buy more stationery every new school year and what on earth happened to all the previous years?). I just love notebooks, I am an avid journal keeper and have been for 12 years. So I have 12 years of journals under my bed, and on a shelf I have 18 unused Paperchase fabric notebooks. Christ I just realised that is £180 worth. The cat one is very cute though. I am 99% confident Dave will leave me if I buy any more. Maybe instead I could just get the Filofax note paper as I actually use that!

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  1. oh my god i LOVE stationary! guilty pleasure. wish i didn't use a bloody computer so much these days! <3