Friday, 22 April 2011

Claire will be gardening this summer!

So as we have a concrete garden, and prior to this I lived in a flat with no garden, I have never done any gardening of any sort. I don't think I would be particularly good at it as I even managed to kill the small Ikea plant I had at work by accidentally feeding it orange juice but nonetheless I am optimistic about this new venture (mainly because my boss has convinced me that it is fool proof). 
At work we always have the people from the book club leaving things for us to buy and last week they left a hanging chili planter. It looks like a hanging basket basically and you fill it with soil then shove plants in the holes on the sides and they grow through. 

Now not to get too carried away with myself but I hope to create something like this (pic courtesy of google though I cant remember where exactly, sorry). 
And then in addition to that I got an email which had been sent to the entire office saying that the offenders doing community service had been growing tomatoes, cauliflowers and other things down at the allotments and there were some baby plants we could buy to put in our garden! Of course I had to have some. So I got 6 and need to plant them in a trough. I am so excited to go to a garden centre tomorrow!!!

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