Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter Sunday of the Dead

So I went to Leeds 4th annual Zombie Film fest at the lovely Cottage Road Cinema on Easter Sunday, which seems like a rubbish way to spend 12 hours in the sunshine, but I burn easily and hate wasps! Don't get me wrong I mean I love the nice weather as much as the same Brit who is used to something more grey but I reckon over the next few weeks there is going to be quite a lot of it about, and zombie fest comes but once a year!

I think the 2 guys that host it (Marlon and Paddy from Emmerdale in case you were wondering) did make an inappropriate comment about zombies movies being similar to the concept of easter, dead rising etc etc but I shalln't go into that here. The event began at 12pm with buying tickets and raffle tickets and so on and so forth. And then the movies began, each one was introduced by the hosts and last between 1 hour and 1,5 hours or so. There was:-

Those are the 6 films that were on, though not in that order. I was absolutely gutted to miss Fido which is a comedy about a domesticated zombie (played by an unrecognisable Billy Connelly) as I was on call for volunteering, although I needed the rest 3 movies in! They were all fab films in their own way. Land of the Dead is my fave zombie movie anyway as I think it is really clever and shows the world years after the zombie apocalypse began. The Evil Dead is clearly pants but a classic nonetheless. City of the Living Dead is an Italian zombie film in English that I had never heard of but it had the audience howling in laughter, though it was meant to be quite serious. The Horde is a French film which was an excellent story and very fast paced but only suitable for those who enjoy extreme violence and gore. The Siege of the Dead was my favourite by far though. It is a German zombie film, only an hour long but again incredibly fast paced and engaging. I would recommend this to anybody, even the subtitles didn't bother me which they usually do.
All in all this was a great day and I am definitely going again next year, although I will make sure i am not on call next time as I have started to plan my fancy dress costume already!

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