Monday, 4 April 2011

Another Claire, Another Monday (photo heavy)

Today I decided to take some photos of an average Monday in my little life. Obviously a lot of these are the same on lots of days and others not so much.

First of all is a photo of my lovely new denim pumps which I got from Asda in both black and denim (and am considering the grey pair as they are so cute and very very me). Then is the dress I wore today even though it was far too windy and I ended up doing a bit of a Marylin Monroe. I had to cut my head off as at that point I had no make-up on and my hair wasn't dry. Then these are my postcards (one of which I even wrote in French!) that I need to send off for postcrossing which I have just joined. Then I got Zed out and fed him breakfast, obviously he thinks left is his good side as I couldn't get a photo at any other angle, and I had mine in the garden as it was 10am and the sun was trying to get out.

Then I put my headphones on, and took the bus to work. As you can see from the bus stop photo, it was a bit of a grey day in Claire world but I ploughed on without a coat nonetheless. Then the third photo below shows my desk at work.

I had 2 lovely surprises this morning when I got to work. My daffodils had opened up beautifully and my boss, even though she wasn't working today had left home made cupcakes on my desk!! I am not usually a big flower person but the daffs look great in just an old glass jug on my desk. They definitely took some of the pain out of my ever growing to-do list!!

Then I got picked up from work by my lovely other half, in a filthy white car. And those out gates are one of the most lovely things I have seen all day!!! It feels a bit oppressive working somewhere where there are gates and fob access doors everywhere, so leaving at the end of the day feels like newly gained freedom!

And finally this is the view of my bedroom, the last thing I see before I go to sleep. Night everyone.

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