Sunday, 17 April 2011

Super Date Sunday

Dave and me have been at my parents in Coventry since last night and we have had rather a wonderful time so far. We both booked a random few days off work so that we could do all the lovely kinds of things we dont usually get time to do. We are taking my 3 younger cousins to Alton Towers tomorrow which will be interesting! But today we have had a lovely day out, it was like a proper romantic date and the sun was shining for us which was lovely.

We started out at Warwick Castle as we had some 2 4 1 vouchers out of the paper and it was lovely walking around in the sunshine and taking photos. The best part for me though was the beautiful peacock garden. The birds are just walking around loose and you can get really close up to them which is lovely. This is a photo I took on my Instagram so I could tweet it and check in on FB.

Then we drove to Stratford-upon-Avon and hired a little rowing boat and went up and down the river for a couple of hours. We got on so well and saw some lovely sights. There was a rather unfortunate incident when I was rowing and was being chased by a manic looking goose, got distracted by this and ended up crashing into a boat full of teenage boys, who told us politely that we were on the wrong side of the river, I then proceeded to tell them of the evil goose whilst hitting one boy in the ribs with my oar and falling off my bench so I was lying on the floor with my legs in the air!!! This is a photo of Dave rowing the boat, which as much as I hate to admit it, was a lot more successful!

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  1. the photo of that peacock is amazing :) They are so beautiful great photo X