Sunday, 10 April 2011

Beauty product reviews #1

I have read a lot of beauty review blogs out there and whilst I am not claiming to be a cosmetics expert, I have found a lot of the reviews I have read helpful when making purchases. I have bought a lot of make-up lately after the shocking discovery a few weeks ago where I realised I had none really. I am not going to try to review everything I have bought all at once for 2 reasons: 1. It would be a long and boring read and 2. I haven't tried it all out yet so have nothing to say. I am however going to try to review the items as I use them. This is part one.

This is a lipstick I have wanted for a while. I go to a lot of burlesque nights and absolutely adore the cute 50s hair and make-up looks so I decided, on a bit of a whim really that I had to buy a good quality red lipstick, just proper fire engine red. I ordered this one during a late night Boots online splurge, it is the limited edition Poppy King one from No. 7 in shade ???. When I tested a swatch on my hand I was a bit disappointed as it was a more pink red than I wanted but on my face it looks fab (lips, not face, obviously I don't just throw it all over me!). It lasts for ages and barely fades, even when drinking. I have never bought a No. 7 lipstick before but I am impressed with this one and will be getting ore from there no doubt. My only real criticism of this product would be that as you can see in the photo above, the box is a cute polka dot pattern but the packaging for the actual lippy is a bit dull. For the price (around £10) and with it being ltd ed I would have expected and enjoyed some cute packaging!

Next up is this Barry M nail effects in black. I think I love it a little bit! I bought it in Superdrug on a whim really after seeing a girl at work wearing it and I am just in love! I am not a great artist so for me nail art of any kind is usually totally out of the question but you just apply one coat of this over any colour nail varnish you like (I choose purple) and it leaves this cracked, patchy effect. I have taken a photo below but you cant see the effect that well.

As I was applying it as drying really fast so I think my concern is that the bottle wont last that long (although I plan to be using it very very quickly indeed!). Also my other half said it looked a bit like I had a fungal nail infection as the layers of base coat, purple, this stuff and top coat made my nails look a lot thicker than normal! But I love it, it has a kind of industrial resident evil feel to it.

I am not usually a fan of the glitter eyeliner, or liquid in fact but I bought these in Boots as they were such a bargain (the Accessorize one was on sale at £1.50 and the MUA one was £1 anyway). I must admit I am still not great at applying them but I definitely prefer the MUA one. There is a lot more colour to it and it lasts on the lids a lot longer than the Accessorize one. The brushes on both were nice and soft so it was easy to apply either. I am not sure I will buy another Accessorize one at £3 when the MUA ones are so much cheaper and better.

Despite not being a cosmetics expert, false eyelashes are very much my thing. I have worn all sorts over the last few years but I can't help coming back to these ones, winners every time. The eyelure lashes in general are the only lashes I have ever bought where I can get 3 or 4 wears out of a pair and they don't end up with thick globs of glue on them. The Girl's Aloud ones are nice because they are all quite different. I haven't worn the Cheryl Cole festival lashes yet as I just picked them up on sale but I have worn the normal Nicola ones many times and they remain a party favourite. If you are new to falsies then I can't recommend Eyelure strongly enough and you can usually find them 2 for around £8 in Superdrug or Boots.

The last item I am going to review today is this Asda lipstick which i mentioned in a previous post. I am over the moon about this little bargain. It goes on beautifully and looks really shimmery in the light. I wore it out on Firday and 2 applications all night lasted me really well. In fact I think it goes on better than some of my more expensive ones. Again a top product at an excellent price! 

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  1. oh, I really want to try the crackle nail varnish.

    The urban farm was great - its not massive but it was only £1 and then we went to east of arcadia for lunch which was great!

    So glad to have found another leeds blogger :)