Monday, 27 June 2011

A very productive weekend

So the reason my blog camera review this week was a bit lame was that I have had a super busy and very productive weekend. Saturday pm I trundled off to Temple Newsam to look after Pippa's uni friend's little boy Rhys while they ran the Race for Life together. It was very sunny out there and my chest and face went a bit red so hopefully that will tan. Rhys was a very sweet boy and I taught him to use some analogue cameras. Then his Mum Kay bought me these lovely pumps to say thank you for taking care of him!!!

Then when we got back from Temple Newsam and Dave had gone to work we decided to make the spare room more habitable for Rich (Pip's chap) coming to stay so we went to Ikea and got lots of shelving, erected it all and made ourselves a bit of a working study in the box room. I am very proud of it because we have given loads to charity, gave away free stuff on gumtree, utilised our loft space, ebayed like crazy people and generally just re-organised to give ourselves lots more room everywhere. Is it just me or do people feel better after a good old de-clutter?

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and got lots done. Only problem now is it is too muggy to sleep - covers back and windows open I think!

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