Saturday, 4 June 2011

When life takes over

God I have been such a rubbish blogger lately and not updated at all! And my last update was a copy and paste jobby so that barely counts. I apologise to any readers I have may have actually obtained in my absence, life just got so busy for a few weeks that I almost got left behind. There were a fair few things I didn't even blog about yet that I wanted to so that is a bit sad too! My trip to Portsmouth being one of them and secondly the whole news about Bin Laden and my asking to redeploy at work. I will aim to catch up this weekend as Dave is at work and I am home alone with the Sky plus box and 2 bits of uni work to complete and hand in. The first mad thing going on has been Dave's job. He has finally left Woodlands so fingers crossed no more angry depressed fiance, which has to be a good thing! In fairness he is now going to work at Nandos as a cook which I think he feels a bit rubbish about as it is minimum wage and a lot of the people there are a lot younger than him but I said if he is happy there (which he really seems to be so far fingers crossed). 

I have done quite a bit of uni work this week, handed in an essay and got really involved in the online forums/discussions which I think is a really important part of distance learning. I was worried about falling behind but now that Dave is working at all different times I have a lot more time to do my studying, which is what I have been doing this afternoon.

Also my work life has been very very dramatic this week. Firstly there was the tragic incident with Liam Shackleton on Tuesday. I ended up working at the police station til late in the evening which was very very sad and stressful. I still feel pretty upset about it all and I am thinking about visiting the site later this evening to lay a tribute, even though it is kind of none of my business.

And then yesterday I had a very hectic day at work indeed when one of the offenders let loose in reception with a knife. Fortunately no-one was hurt but it went on for a while and was a bit stressful. Last night though I went to a gig straight from work and I watched John Cooper Clarke, who is a 63 year old poet/comedian/performer and it was a right laugh. I shall leave you all with this little video of him reading his famous poem, Twat.

Enjoy, and take care.

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