Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blog vs. Journal

I am always neglecting one or the other. When I am blogging a lot, my actual handwritten journal ends up neglected on my bedside table and I occasional do a print out from here and glue it in. And when I am writing nice and regularly in my journal (like I ought to do every day as it helps me to gather my thoughts and get them all in order) I neglect my little blog. My journal and my blog are totally different. My blog is me rambling on about things that I want to share with the world, would enjoy feedback on and includes subjects I think people might like to read about. Also stuff I wouldn't mind if people like my parents/friends/colleagues stumbled upon. My journal includes far more personal things, things I wouldn't mention online. Nobody wants to read about money (vulgar), periods (gross) or my work (data protection).
Recently however I have not had the time to do either of these things and this only goes to show that I need to get my life more in order, maybe with some sort of a weekly timetable which factors in work, sleep, meals, uni work, volunteering, postcrossing, blogging, journaling, reading etc etc. I mean obviously this seems a bit strict and ridiculous but there are weeks where I don't do enough of the important stuff in my life and just fanny around instead. I will come up with a solution for this later this week, but I think it will have to be a proper timetable.

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