Sunday, 12 June 2011

Camera Review 2 - Fuji Instax Mini

I have always been a fan of instant cameras, such as my aunt's old Polaroid in the 1980s and knew that I wanted one. I chose the Instax mini style because I like the credit card sized prints it produces. They fit beautifully into a wallet. The camera is so user friendly and I had it up and running the moment it arrived. And I have since leant it out to people around the office and they have got on with it straight away. It has several shooting modes, flash, sunny, cloudy and so on so it comes out nice in any weather. It is quite sizable and weighty so you wouldn't exactly slip it into a small handbag for a night out but when you bother to carry it around, it is great fun. The excitement of waiting for your photos feels amazing and getting a little print right away is great for the impatient soles out there. Another downside is the cost of the film so I tend to try and save mine for special occasions. The lowest I have managed to find film works out at about 55 pence per photo so you don't really want any bloopers. I would say this camera is well worth a try though and can be picked up a lot cheaper now than it used to be. Below are some examples of shots I have taken on it. 


  1. I loev my mini, the film is expensive but I think its worth it, I always get it from ebay. I love that first photo

  2. I just got a load of stuff with coloured frames, which is kind of childish but I love it!