Sunday, 26 June 2011

Camera Review 4 - Lomo LC-A+

Tonight's camera review is a bit of a copout really as I have been mega busy since I got back from London. I am going to review the LC-A+ from lomography which I do not actually own but have shot a fair few rolls on at trips etc. I personally do not like the feel of it as much as an original LC-A because they feel less plastic and a lot more sturdy. I also love the history that comes with them and I enjoy the fact that mine has been a bit of a labour of love to get it right (which you can read about in number 1 of this series of reviews). The lens is also a Chinese made replica of the original Russian one which some people call a disadvantage as they prefer the original but to a highly untrained eye such as my own, this doesn't really make any difference. 
The best thing about this camera however, which the original does not have is that it can do multiple exposures. Now whilst I am not usually a big fan of the MX, I have seen some amazing ones of these done on an LC-A+ so it is quite a big selling point over the original. I understand that the original model can be modified using a biro lid to do MX as well but this is well beyond my simple mind! 
The price is the biggie here however, Lomography sell these at £280 brand new and I am just not sure that a plastic camera is worth as much as that, in my opinion. 
Below you can see one of my Brighton multiple exposures which I am particularly chuffed with, taken on a borrowed LC-A+.

Now my Brighton photos from my amazing day out there have been a huge disappointment. Dave and me took 8 rolls of film to Asda to be developed on Thursday and when we went to collect them, the man said 2 rolls had been a bit of a disaster. Sadly they were 2 rolls shot by me in Brighton on my LC-A and a borrowed LC-A+. It was lomo X-Pro slide film as well which is expensive and one of my favourite films in the world. They basically jammed in the machine and as a result have not developed long enough so they cannot be scanned in. I actually nearly cried. Ordinarily if something had happened and the films were totally blank I wouldn't have minded and tried to convince myself that the pictures were rubbish anyway. The worst part of this is that I can see the photos on one side of the negative and they look mostly really really good!!! I currently just can't get enough light through them to get them scanned in and salvage anything as yet. I am trying to hold out some hope and my lovely lomo buddies who are better at scanning than me have even offered to give it a go for me. Fingers crossed people!!!

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