Saturday, 9 July 2011

The top of the Glen

I was very very naughty last weekend and didn't do my camera review because I was in essay hell. I still have 3 to complete by 18th July and I am not especially excited about any of them. I have prepared a kind of double camera review for tomorrow though to make up for my lack of effort last weekend. 
Anyway the reason I was essaying hard on the Sunday was that on Saturday me and Dave went for a lovely date in the countryside. We finally got to ride the tramway up Shipley Glen, which is just the cutest little place in the world. It was really super hot and sunny too so that was nice. We also had lunch at an amazing pub at the top of the glen. We also took lots of lovely analogue photos, which were developed without a fatal disaster at the lab!

This weekend will be a lot more dull sadly as Dave is at work both days. I am currently contemplating venturing out in the wind and rain to go to Asda Supercentre to collect my free digital camera that they are giving me by way of an apology for mucking up my Brighton films. Not that I want a digital camera (I have a really good one, just tend not to use it much) but I can put it on ebay and use the money towards the new LC-Wide that I mentioned a few weeks ago when it launched. Hmmmm, it would be a 2 hour round trip with the bus and the walking and I am just not sure it is worth facing the rain for!!! What do you guys think?


  1. I am on my own this weekend too as the boyfriend is working. I am holed up with DVD boxsets, Dominos pizza and pajamas and I highly recommend you do the same - do not venture out in wind and rain, it is not worth it! :) Your date in the countryside sounds lovely!xxx

  2. Definitely take the free camera!!

    (By the way I'm really interested in your life as I at the moment am investigating the possibility of training to be a prison lawyer. I really want to do some volunteering with offenders this summer, which I'm looking into, and writing to prisoners has always been an interest, although I've not really found a way to do it so far. Phew essay over!)