Sunday, 13 March 2011

Super Duper Saturday

Yesterday I had yet another super duper Saturday. I went to uni all day, which I almost backed out of as I had been running a bit late and was feeling ill still but Dave made me go in, and it was so good that he did. I had some girls to sit with and I actually wasn't late at all really. Plus 2 of the lectures type things were so important for my upcoming essay. Plus I like actually going in to uni as it always spurs me on to do more work, which I have been doing today. Not that the course has become mega interesting yet but then we are kind of still at the introductory stage and I think if I bear with it I will get there. I am a bit nervous about getting my first essay back on Tuesday as I am really unsure how it went and the word count was so low I struggled to say all I wanted to. 

Then Dave picked me up with Emilie and the lovely Dylan in the car, who is now nearly 1 year old and we definitely don't see him enough. He is super cute and a very well behaved baby. I would love to post a photo I took of him on here but Em is weird about photos of him being online so although I think it is a bit odd, I have to respect that as his Mummy.

Then I watched the movie Burlesque which as a kind of dance flick i really enjoyed. I didnt think the Burlesque dancing in it was very Burlesque-y though, and not like the shows I enjoy so much at the Wetspot in Leeds. I like the Wetspot as well because it is the only club night type thing I go to where we all dress up properly - Dave even wore a suit last time and I get to wear my lovely Monsoon dress etc.

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