Monday, 28 March 2011

Curry and a consumer society

This evening I am in essay hell. I am writing about a consumer society (which I think all you girls out there in blog-land know a thing or two about!) and have to hand my essay in tomorrow. Boo. It is not quite how I want it to be but I am over the age now where it is acceptable / helpful / feasible / possible to pull an all-nighter so I shall have to get up early. Maybe a fresh eye will allow me to write good things. Plus after the demo this weekend I am fairly tired. 
Anyway after finishing work at 7pm then being dragged round Aldi by Dave (he loves it in there - it makes him feel like he is a European country buying groceries), I had to come hoe and get straight onto the essay, lucky for me Pip had started dinner by making some yummy naan breads from this book

Yummy curry was then consumed by all 3 of us and I still haven't handed my essay in but I am super full now!

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