Friday, 11 March 2011

Lots to look forward to

I was just having a potter about downstairs and realised that we have 3 sets of tickets pinned to the kitchen noticeboard (this is something I got into at uni, I like to be able to see physical evidence of things I am going to do as it gives me some things to look forward to, as a result I used to buy tickets for everything in advance, even crappy club nights which do not require a ticket, I am better now but it still feels nice to see) and another set of tickets at a friend's house for fun things that I am going to do in the next 5 weeks or so.

First on 19 March I am going to see the live filming of 'Frankenstein's Wedding' at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, which is going to be so good as Lacey Turner is The Bride. These tickets are at Ross's house as I forgot to apply for any but fortunately he got a spare pair - probably having forseen that I would forget! Then on the noticeboard I have The King Blues, which I got Dave for Xmas, Middleman who are a local band but very very good (you can check them out here) and then a guy named Keith James is doing a 'Songs of Leonard Cohen' evening at a wine bar in Otley. I can't find anything anywhere about this guy but I am a huuuuuge LC fan - you can even see a photo of me and him above the tickets from where I met him in a car park in November 2008!
So this is all very exciting stuff and I love my notice board being full of fun things to see and do!

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  1. I'm the same - my 'memory boxes' are overflowing and I keep loadssss of tickets!

    Rosie x