Sunday, 27 March 2011

Marching for the alternative

Yesterday was a bit of special Saturday as I was down in London taking part in the TUCs March for the Alternative, against the public sector spending cuts. We got a coach down with work and it was a really good day. 500,000 people were there and there was a great atmosphere with some hilarious banners (including "they even cut my sign", "F**K Clegg and camer-on [in the keep calm and carry on style] and a child holding one she had made herself saying "tax avoidance is naughty"). It was a really important day, especially for those working in the public sector as there are almost not enough people to do the volume of work as it is and they are going to lose more and more over the next few years if this coalition/tory government have their way. It was only a few weeks ago I was worried about my job as I haven't been there 12 months yet so don't have all the same employment rights as those who have been there longer. I am a bit worried that the march however wont have had the necessary impact and actually change the way the government thinks about privatising essential services like the NHS. Below is a hilarious youtube video of a song someone has made about Andrew Lansley (tosser)

I am worried about the state the country is in and I am angry about the banks. It was caused high up in the financial sector but those bosses will still get a bonus whilst those in positions that deserve it (nurses etc) will have to work more hours for less money to do everything they need to do. The recession/economy/government suck.

This is a photo of me being all protest-y, taken by Pippa.

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