Saturday, 12 March 2011

My limerick - An ode to my camera family

I wrote this poem for a blog competition on the Lomo website a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I didn't win as the excellent zoezo wrote some touching words about her beloved Diana. Still I had a laugh writing it! 

My best friend is called Di,
She has quite a wonderful eye.
Great photos she takes,
And soft vignettes she makes,
But 120 film I must buy.
Little Diana Mini is smaller
But her photos can sometimes be taller.
On 35ml she feeds
So all cheapskates take heed
And pick up your phone and just call her.
My Holga’s a wonderful sight
But she has leaking problems with light.
As hard as I slave,
She will just not behave
And I’m struggling to get it all right!
My LC-A’s compact and small
But my first roll didn’t come out at all.
A sad face I had,
As I walked out the Lab,
But when she works I’ll be having a ball.
My newest one’s called Zenit-E
But SLRs are all new to me.
Line-up? Focus? I can’t!
Just give up? No I shalln’t.
But for help I may visit Zoe!

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