Thursday, 10 March 2011

Been poorly sick

Since London, I have been feeling very under the weather indeed. I think I caught it from my Mum as she was ill before we even set off. Then obviously the ridiculously long coach replacement rail service did not help (thanks Chiltern Railways!). I went to work yesterday even though I felt poo and stayed til 7pm. Today I took the morning as flexi and went in late so that I would have time for the tablets to kick in. I had a very productive morning in bed doing uni work. . . and more importantly redesigning my blog using a beautiful little site I found here. I was thrilled to be honest because by nature I am not an artist, I am not a designer and even though I have often toyed with the idea of teaching myself javascript etc properly, I still do not even know what HTML stands for! They make it all so easy and fun to play around with and it is all free - I am a lifelong fan already. 

Also when I got to work today I had a lovely parcel waiting for me which contained 

They are all things I bought online at the Boots 3 for 2 beauty deal-y that is going on as I needed a few staple items. I also decided to photograph them using the new Instagram app on my iphone as I have had it a while and not really got into yet. Plus it was free and some ways better than Hipstamatic as you can change the look after the photo has been taken. However I am a terrible product photographer so I shall explain, going clockwise left to right. Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Red Carpet and Ethereal and a eye definer in Emerald Sparkle. 17 bronzing shimmer dust and eyeshadows in Regal and Superstar. 2 Models Own eyeshadow brushes and lipgloss in Glass. No. 7 make-up bag, concealer stick in Fair and concealer brush. I need a could more items and saw this on another blog today so I think come payday I shall give them a look. 

Well this was another deep and meaningful entry. And I still haven't told you all about my bloody brogues!

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