Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Getting to ten followers

When I started writing this blog, I did it for me and me only as I have always kept a diary and that is for no-one else to read. However, now that I have started properly (1 month in and I haven't quite yet - hoorah!) and am reading lots of lovely comments on other people's blogs, I kind of would like to have followers. I nearly done an excited wee when the 2 followers I do have joined ship. So I think that by my birthday I would love to get to 10 followers. It is not til May 8th so I have plenty of time to get out there, do a bit of reading/following/commenting of my own. 

I think it would be really nice to hear what people think of my little blog.


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower :)

    You're blog is cute. Don't worry about followers too much. There are people that read but don't necessarily follow cos they don't have a blogger account! Think that people worry too much about that follower number that what they're doing! I was one of them, I ended up deleting my blog and starting a new one even though I had quite a few followers because I was just blogging for the sake of it. Half of them never read it anyway. I know I'd rather have 3 followers who really loved my blog an than 300 who just follow cos they want me to follow them! You'll find those special few people who do enjoy your blog and leave you lovely comments that make your day!

    Personally my feeling is that you lose all relationship with readers anyway when you reach silly numbers! Some 'big' bloggers now think themselves celebrities and just become rude when people ask questions or comment because they have so many! Not all of them are, but some! Some do still have great relationships with their readers.

    Got some great advice from another blogger which is blog what you love and want to share! Blog what you feel happy with and want to share and people will follow eventually!

    Wow, long comment just to say hi! Ha ha! :)

    Ps I'm also studying criminology from home!

  2. Oooo that is exciting - how are you finding it so far? I am getting into it far more than my previous degree (as I had totally lost interest in the subject) but the module I am on at the moment is a general sociology one so I am not really into the hardcore stuff yet.
    Thank you for the advice and I am not going to stop blogging, or let the followers interfere with what I choose to write about!
    x x x

  3. It's OK, but to be honest not as interesting as I thought and I wish I'd done psychology! But I guess it depends on what you wanna do, obv you want it cos of career relevance (probation officer) and I just did it cos it was something to do and looked interesting! Gets better as you go on but I doubt I'll ever use it but you never know! I wanna be an accountant ha ha! Studying for that too though! Did sociology in college and then with the OU, found it really interesting so maybe I should have furthered that! Oh well!

    Should have sent ya an email! :) xxx