Monday, 28 February 2011

A lazy entry from my lomo blog last week

I knew it was a risk buying a second hand LC-A off ebay but after my first roll came out blank and replacing the batteries didn't seem to help and the LEDs didn't light up I thought I was doomed.

I got my LC-A precisely 5 weeks ago now and so far it has been a month or so of panic and disappointment. I put a roll in as soon as it arrived and somewhat naively knew nothing of the red lights signifying that the battery was dead. The battery was dead but it was not until I got that first roll from the lab that I realised this. I promptly stuffed in some new batteries and then when I shot my first few photos the light was on and we were doing well. I put the camera away waiting for some better weather as I had loaded Lomography redscale XR film. When a sunny day arrived, I took the camera out and to my surprise I saw that the red light wasn’t coming on again. I found it hard to believe that the batteries were already dead and reluctantly put the camera away again. Which is where it has stayed until today. I got some photos back that I had taken on a borrowed LC-A+ and I fell in love. And they are not even a particularly good set. I got my camera back out and found some help on flickr (thanks to the excellent Gimel Vav I think!) I took the bak off to find that with a pair of mini tweezers I could simply tighten up the connection. Now I have a working LC-A and a weekend away planned!
I will do a proper blog about my awesome weekend and lovely new shoes tomorrow evening.

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