Friday, 18 February 2011

Procrastinating . . . . as usual!

I am making myself annoyed this evening by massively procrastinating. Not only with this here new blog (which I decided to begin today), but uni work I wanted to do tonight, going to the supermarket which is necessary if I intend to have a meal, watching a movie about Bob Dylan that I have to return to Blockbuster tomorrow, I am even putting off my after work nap which I had been thinking about all day today. I don't always have a nap when I get in, and I am not ill or anything like that, it is just that my evening yesterday turned into a fiasco where I ended up doing my voluntary job til 23:45 despite finishing at ten. I have felt crappy all day today, almost like I had a hangover and my 5:30 start didn't help matters. Then again neither did the egg McMuffin...

Maybe the red wine will, watch this space!

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