Monday, 21 February 2011

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I had a very lovely day with Pippa yesterday, just girly chatting and a bit of a splurge in Primani. I feel as though I haven't bought any clothes in ages. I got some jogging bottoms and trainers (for the jogging - which ended up not happening as our feet hurt from all the shopping we did, naughty!), a nautical stripey t-shirt, long glittery cardigan, some cheap stud earrings and a cameo locket and then I got a belt from DP and a top and necklace from Topshop. I saw sooooo many things that I want though and have no money for any of them what with having to book flights for Poland in June. Then Dave and me went to see Paul in the evening which was really very lovely as he (Dave, not Paul) has started his new tablets and just become super relaxed. We had a real giggle and I was not disappointed with the movie. The best part however was that the music for the very first scene is my favourite song in the whole world and also the title of this blog - Another girl, another planet by The Only Ones.
I did however forget to do my "day in the life photos" so although it is a bit dull, I may do this at work tomorrow, at least then it is a better picture of my average day.

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my loblography post, and for finding my little blog!
    Nothing like a good old shop in Primarni is there? You sound like you got loads of good stuff, and you definitely didn't need to run after all that shopping!