Sunday, 9 October 2011

Some lovely New York photos

So yesterday saw me get my last 2 rolls of film back from my holiday in New York. It was a bittersweet moment really because the holiday is now well and truly over with, at least for the last few weeks I have had all my photos to look forward to, which is a sad feeling. But on the other hand I am really happy with how these shots came out. I had stopped using a Diana and 120 film so this is my attempts at getting into it again. I got a wide angle lens just before I went away so I though New York would be the perfect place to give it a try. Below are some of my favourites.

view up Rockefellar centre, almost missed this shot as my lens cap was on but luckily spotted a Japanese boy with the same camera looking at me like I was bonkers!

my new favourite double exposure ever, view from the Top of the Rock

a nice angle on the Waldorf Astoria hotel, taken with some battered Ilford Delta film

a cheeky candid shot of some teens in Harlem

I hope you all like them, of course you can see the whole album on my LomoHome.


  1. I have started my shop- you asked on my blog, you will find the link in my last post.
    I realy want a diana camera your shots are lovely.x

  2. The double exposure picture is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. the double exposure is gorgeous. I still haven't tried 120 film, perhaps I should.

  4. these are insanely good, i can see why you are so happy with them. i'm be cuffed with all those 3 indeed. thanks for what you said about the invitation, if you ever want some made.....

  5. Rhianne, I used to hate the idea of it, it is quite a faff! But you are always more careful with it because you get fewer shots.
    Mat - I was talking to my friend about the invites yesterday in fact! She thought it was a fab idea. If I ever get my arse into gear to get married - I will get in touch! x

  6. Raz, apologies, didn't see you up there - that is my absolute fave! Thank you x