Thursday, 6 October 2011

I want to ride my (Schwinn) bicycle

Since I went to Portsmouth with the parentals at easter 2011, Dave and I have been coveting designer bikes. We saw a girl on a really cool cruiser bike, it had a little basket and a cup-holder and it just looked like a pleasure to ride. We found the make was Schwinn, which we had never heard of and found them online. They are quite pricey (mine sometimes retailing at £449) but they are so comfortable and would be so great for trips out round Yorkshire, as I like being outdoors but find walking just a bit dull. There is a place in Wigan that sells them so now that I am not saving up to go to New York anymore (sob, sob), I am going to put a bit aside each month for me and Dave to buy ourselves a Schwinn bike. I am hoping we can get them in March maybe so at the first sign of springtime sun we can be out in the country. Also, I am hoping my work might help me, through the cycle to work scheme, fingers crossed!

my Schwinn bike - Debutante

Dave's Schwinn - Courvette


  1. Ah I'm a bit of a bike perve - these are so lovely! I'm after a Chris Boardman racing bike at the moment so I'll have to get saving my pennies.

  2. Hey Raz, I am trying to get mine with the bike to work scheme as it is £449! Dave's is cheaper though so we plan to save all winter and aim to get them in March x