Sunday, 24 July 2011

Camera Review 6 - Split Cam

Today I am reviewing a camera I started out hating. I had seen photos taken on with this cheap little beast and knew a long time ago I wanted to buy one. It is really the multiple exposure king as that is what it is primarily designed to do. It has a built in horizontal splitzer over the lens and viewfinder so you can make crazy combinations in your photos.
The first one I got 2 years ago second hand when I was quite naive when it came to cameras didn't even have a functioning shutter. Not that I realised that for the entire first roll however! Then the second one I got came in a camera job lot off ebay (aren't job lots great by the way - you get some hidden gems and can re-sell anything you don't fancy). I shot a roll on this and all the photos came out like this:-

As you can see, it has "splitzed" but the bottom half of every picture looks like it was shot through a tissue and I had no idea why. I took a punt and bought a third Split Cam, but this time I had a brand new shipped from the USA, it didn't even cost that much (£13 I think). I put a roll in it in September last year but was so unexcited about it in case it didn't work I only had it developed last week. It worked and I loved the results. Below are my 3 favourites:-

Obviously with it being just a plastic point and shoot and a fairly fast shutter speed, some of the photos came out a bit grey as I didn't exactly use it on sunny days. I love the mad effects though and it is so easy to do and there is a guide on the viewfinder to help you line up, which for me is great because my spacial awareness is generally fairly poor. For the money I think this is a great and fun camera to use, but I recommend buying a new one!!!

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