Thursday, 14 July 2011

Camera Review 5 - Actionsampler (no/with flash)

**Note - I wrote this article last week ready for Sunday 10th July, then saved it as a draft instead of scheduled for it to be published, booo**

I have had my lomo actionsampler for quite a long time but had found it really really hard to get decent shots out of it because there seems to be a fine balance between moving it enough and moving it too fast that I just couldn't get a grip of how much light it needed and what would be too much. Below are a couple of very early shots taken using it.

Then 2 years later I got the actionsampler flash model from lomography. 

This model is considerably chunkier, and in my opinion does not look anywhere near as pretty as my little see-through no flash model. However it does the job just perfectly. On nights out, which seems to be when people are most keen to dance and pose for the camera, you need a flash to capture the magic. I love how the 4 flashes fire in sequence. I also love that the way to charge the flash is to unflip it and turn it around. It gets me a lot of attention this little camera and for nights out, it is the only action camera available to my knowledge. I still use the other one in good weather but sadly it does tend to get a bit neglected in favour of the flash model. Below are some photos from last Halloween taken using the flash.

Obviously the flash model costs considerably more but if you are going to use it on nights out, or you live in a country where you may not get decent enough sunshine for the no flash model then I cannot recommend this enough. If you are looking to get a no flash one, you can pick up non-lomography ones for around £5 on ebay that work just as well in my experience.

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