Thursday, 4 August 2011


A New Website About Sprocket Hole Photography

·       A Brand New Website All About Sprocket Holes
·       Aimed at newcomers to analogue photography
·       Website designed in the style of a roll of 35mm film
·       Information on what sprocket holes are and how to expose them with Lomography Cameras
The brand new Lomography website is designed as an introduction to sprocket holes for analogue newcomers – The website explains what sprocket holes are and highlights the range of Lomography cameras which allow you to shoot through the sprocket holes – Oh, and the website is designed in the style of a scrolling roll of 35mm film!
What Are Sprocket Holes?
Sprocket holes are the little square holes which run along the top and bottom of a 35mm film. They play a functional role in analogue photography because they hook onto your camera’s winder when you load the film – The little teeth of a film camera hook into these holes and transport the film to the next frame. Sprocket-holes are unique to 35mm analogue photography. Neither 120 medium format films nor any digital format features sprocket-holes.
Lomography Cameras That Can Expose Sprocket Holes
Lomography Sprocket Rocket
The world’s first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to joys of sprocket-hole photography.

Spinner 360˚
Capture 360° panoramas, sprocket holes and all!

Diana F+ with Diana F+ 35mm back
The Diana’s standard format is 120 – But use the Diana F+ 35mm back and the camera becomes a sprocket fuelled wonder.

Lubitel 166+
The Lubitel 166+ has the ability to shoot lovely 120 square images or 35mm panoramic portraits which include the sprocket holes.

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